Your Business Management Partner (R)

Financial Consultancy

The advent of information technology has significantly altered the traditional approach of conducting business and has also changed the pattern of business organizations. In this new environment, one aspect contributing to the success of a business significantly rests on the provision of timely and reliable financial information to promote confidence amongst its stakeholders and other users of such information.

Corporate Consultancy

First time Al-Ahad delivers corporate services through professional people for corporate sector. We render the following services in a very specialized way:

• Registration of Joint Stock companies, NGOs, Co-operative societies and Firms;
• Handling of post registration corporate issues i.e. annual statutory returns and filling services related to corporate entities;

Tax Advisory

Domestic and international tax issues play a key role in management decisions. Recent trends of takeovers, mergers, joint ventures and privatization have further added to the complexities of tax planning.

We provide a comprehensive range of professional services in the field of corporate and personal taxation.

Our principles

Providing efficient services on affordable cost. In time information & communication to avoid confusion. Creating opportunities for mutual advantage. Building trust and long term association. Working with innovation and tradition hand in hand. Exchanging knowledge and ideas for better understanding. Intelligent solution to complex requirements. We invest for our Customers’ entire satisfaction and comfort through our smooth & continuous services to make our access easy to new business.

Our Mission

Al-Ahad Techno Associate's mission is to be on the top of the leaders in Corporate, Management & Financial Consulting Services to promote sustainable economic and social development for entrepreneurs and provide a professional platform across Gilgit-Baltistan enhancing business skills and exploring new business avenues and opportunities for the youth.

Our Promise

Al-Ahad always Endeavors providing BEST services in response to the Clients’ requirements to secure long term business relationship. We work in partnership with our customers and commit to deliver tangible and measurable results that continuously add value to your business. We recognize the ever-changing face of global business demands, specialized and personalized handling of clients matters with strong and constant follow up and interaction with our clients.